Bühler Electricité



This intervention regards the realization of a PV system on the existing office building of Buhler Electricitè company in Monthey, canton Valais (CH). The system produces 96 MWh/y total, allowing the total energy autonomy of its site.
On the original building, labeled Minergie in 2003, a perfectly integrated solar façade is installed on a part of the south side replacing the final layer of the wall, besides to a PV plant placed on the flat roof through an overlapped system.


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Source: Bühler Electricité

Project Bühler Electricité  3 BuhlerElectricit 4 BuhlerElectricit    
Location Monthey, Kanton Valais (CH)
Latitude 46° 51'

Completion year

Architect Kurmann & Cretton SA
Typology Administration
Category Other
Surrounding Urban
Technology Monocrystalline 
Power installed -
Orientation South
PV Module


Dimensions -