A22 Autobrennero



The A22 Highway Headquarter is located at the Trento Centro motorway exit. The architect designed the new extension of the existing building, characterized by a curtain wall system in the new building's façade. The east façade is composed of a full vision section with high insulation double glazing and PV glass, 20% semi-transparent, installed in correspondence of string courses. The energy derived is used to power the building's electrical services. This project was the first in which a photovoltaic system was installed inside a high performance, advanced technology, double skin façade. 


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Source: Tosoni Far System

Project A22 Autobrennero  3 A22 Autobrennero  4 A22 Autobrennero 
Location Trento (I)
Latitude 46° 08'
Completion year 2009
Architect Studio Associato Giovanazzi
Typology Administration
Category Enlargement
Surrounding Urban
Technology Thin-film
Power installed 7
Orientation East
PV Module

n° 128 Würth Solar 1175x600 mm

Dimensions 97 m2