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The intervention concerns a complete refurbishment of an existing office building in the small city of Liezen in Austria which also includes a building addition on the south-western side. The existing volume is characterized by ribbon windows and cladding panels ivory colored. A new 2 storey volume is connected to the old building. It stands on V columns and has a glazed cladding, that reflects the surrounding urban landscape, and distinguishes the new construction by the black and red color. The red color is also chosen for PV modules consisting in laminated safety glass perfectly integrated in a part of the south side of the old building.



SG Enstall 1  SG Enstall 2

Source: Ertex Solar

Project SG Ennstal    SG Enstall 3  
Location Liezen (A)
Latitude 47° 34'
Completion year 2011
Architect Gerhard Kreiner KREINERarchitektur ZT
Typology Administration
Category Renovation
Surrounding Urban
Technology Multicrystalline
Power installed 1.9 kWp
Orientation South
PV Module

n° 17 VSG-ISO (max 2988x3911mm)

Dimensions 48 m2