GDF Suez



The rehabilitation of the existing office building in Dijon, located in the Bourgogne French region, regards the removal of the asbestos and the substitution of the existing skin, preserving the real estate asset characterized by a metal post and beam structure. The principal goal of the project was the energy retrofit. The new façade is used as "thermal shield", with integration of PV cells. A special distribution of the PV cells creates a particular texture in the façade becoming a solar shading device.


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Source: ISSOL; Atelier Phileas; GDF SuezTechnologies


Project GDF Suez    GDF 3     GDF 4  
Location Dijon, Bourgogne (F)
Latitude 47° 19'
Completion year 2013
Architect Atelier Phileas, Paris
Typology Administration
Category Renovation
Surrounding Urban
Technology Monocrystalline
Power installed 85 kWp
Orientation -
PV Module

441 ISSOL semistransparent

Dimensions 1020 m2