FEAT Building


The renovation becomes an opportunity  for re-cladding the whole building envelope introducing both a new image as well as a new active and selective building skin. The southward facade is transformed in a solar capting surface. PV shading devices, consisting in white translucent glazed  and semitransparent modules, are mounted onto a moveable structure able to be oriented (on the horizontal axis) in different ways  maximizing solar potential and to properly control solar radiation that are indoor solar gains in summer and winter.

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Project FEAT headquarters 03 
Location Lugano(CH)
Latitude 46° 
Completion year
1997 (FV), 1972 (building)
Architect Claudio lo Riso
Type Administrative
Category Renovation
Surroundings Urban
Technology Monocrystalline
Installed power
3.8 kWp
Orientation South
PV module
Shadovoltaic (Colt)
Dimensions 26 m2
Partially Transparent