Swiss House of Beauty



The requalification of the building in Suhr, site of a Swiss retailer of beauty products, was the main goal to reach high standards of energy performance. The old windows have been replaced with a wood-metal system including high-insulating glass and the sub-window integrates PV panels.  The PV system is also installed in the bands between floors. Attention was placed to the shading by installing a bypass diode system that put out only single shaded cells.

 SwissHouseBeauty 1 SwissHouseBeauty 2    SourceMGT esys; Energyoptimizer

Project Swiss House of Beauty SwissHouseBeauty 3   
Location Suhr (CH)
Latitude 47° 22'
Completion year 2012
Architect -
Typology Administration
Category Renovation
Surrounding Urban
Technology Monocrystalline
Installed Power 16.8 kWp
Orientation South - East - West
PV Module MGT-esys PV-ISO; MGT e-railing sys PV
Dimension 100 m2
Opaque (fassade)