Werkhof Mels



This building is an interesting demonstration of the PV versatility, since this simple PV plant installed on the facade has an important role for the architecture language.  Beyond to the  energy and aesthetic function, the glazed modules operate as a shading system for the transparent façade behind ensuring an adequate microclimate for the work area of personal. PV modules are installed at a certain distance from the principal facade with a frameless system and spaced one to another to create a grid.  

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Projet Werkhof Mels   03   
Location Mels, Kanton St. Gallen (CH)
Latitude 47° 02'
Completion year 2011
Architect Brunhart Brunner Kranz Architekten
Typology Administrative
Category Other
Surrounding -
Technologie Thin-film
Installed power 13.5 kWp
Orientation South - Est
PV Module

Q-Samrt UF 75

Dimensions 135