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This is a kindergarten realized in the city of Marburg in central Germany. It is characterized by a 2 storey building with concrete bearing structure and wooden roof and completely glassed façade. The architectural design is based on 5 different volumes that emerge from the flat transparent facade of the ground floor. The main front, overlooking the garden is realized with special laminated safety glass PV modules black colored perfectly integrated with the architectonic image.


E Kita Marburg 1 E Kita Marburg 3  Source: ErtexSolar


+E Kita Marburg

 E Kita Marburg 4
Location Vitosareal, Marburg (D)
Latitude 50° 49'
Completion year 2013
Architect Opus Architekten
Typology Kindergarten
Category New
Surrounding Urban
Tecnology Monocrystalline
Power installed 55 kWp 
Orientation South
360 ErtexSolar VSG EVO 4/4 (637x1507mm)
Dimensions 365 m2