Konya Science Center


This is a socio-cultural structure, the Turkey's first large interactive institution dedicated to informal learning about science and technology, located in Konya, the third largest city in Turkey. The glassed roof is the principal architectural characterization of the building. The single layer shell structure of roof, that has a diameter of 110 m and height of 30 m, covers the four storey concrete structure like an umbrella. A transparent solar glass is integrated in a portion of anterior glass in the main building.


Konya 1 Konya 3  Source: ErtexSolar


Konya Science Center

 Konya 4
Location Konya, Turkey
Latitude 37° 52'
Completion year 2013
Architect A Proje Alchemy Studio
Typology Socio-cultural institution
Category New
Surrounding Urban
Technology Multicrystalline
Power installed 11.55 kWp 
Orientation South
78 ErtexSolar VSG 4/4 (1671x1758mm)
Dimensions 134 m2