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The project of the German Pavillon for 2010 EXPO in Shanghai is called "Balancity", combining the words "balance" and "city". The concept design is an irregular, dynamic and instable composition of the four different volumes of the building, which are connected in a balanced manner, creating a play of indoor and outdoor spaces. The south elevation is characterized by an external screen of wooden blades vertically installed over a L-shaped arrangement and irregular cuts integrating a thin-film PV panels in facade.


Expo2010 1 Expo2010 2  Source: ErtexSolar


Expo 2010 German Pavillon

 Expo2010 3
Location Shanghai, China
Latitude 31° 13'
Completion year 2010
Architect Schmidhuber + Partner / Milla & Partner
Typology Pavillon
Category New
Surrounding Urban
Technology Thin film
Power installed 16 kWp 
Orientation South
155 ErtexSolar VSG 8/6 (2000x1200mm)
Dimensions -