Beijing South Railway Station


The new Beijing South Station is an important upgrade of a 109 years old station, known by the name of Yongdingmen Railway Station. It is one of four Asia's largest railway stations and is designed to serve a multi-modal transportation hub, accommodating high-speed intercity networks, suburban trains, taxis and two underground lines. Natural ventilation and solar system are a key features of this building. The central roof is composed by a 30,000 m2 skylight providing daylight into the stations departure hall. Along the perimeter, high solar performance glasses is used along with a 30% of thin film PV glasses with CIS technology. The PV modules are arranged alternately with clear glass creating a pattern.


 Beijing 1 Beijing 2    Source: ©Terry Farrell


Beijing South Railway Station

 Beijing 3
Location Beijing, China
Latitude 39° 54'
Completion year 2008
Architect Terry Farrell&Partners; Third Railway Survey and Design Institute
Typology Railway station
Category Other
Surrounding Urban
Technology Thin-film
Power installed 390 kWp
Orientation All
Würth Solar CIGS 75W
Dimensions 3750 m2