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The project consists of a multi-storey parking in the centre of Zwolle. The facade of the  building has approximately 650 m2 of PV amorf modules.  PV modules have been placed into a specific frame, which is fixed onto the beams of  the structure. The architect divided the facade in several parts which differ in width requiring the alternative use of glass and PV in each macro module composing the facade.

zwolle 2  zwolle 1  Source: PV Nord

Project Multi-storey parking zwolle 3
Location Zwolle (NL)
Latitude 52° 31'
Completion year
Architect Uytenhaak Architekten
Type Parking
Category New
Surroundings Urban
Technology Thin Film
Installed power
27 kWp 
Orientation South
PV module
Schott Solar
Dimensions 650 m2