BP Solar Showcase


The BP Solar Showcase was built in six weeks to coincide with the G8 Summit in Birmingham in May 1998. The form of the building is driven by the south-facing solar roof/wall, which is curved and angled. The building has now been re-located to Baglan Bay, South Wales, as a permanent visitor centre for an energy park 

BP-Solar-ShowcaseSource: Arup

Project BP Solar Showcase BP-Solar-Showcase2
Location Birmingham and Baglam Bay (UK)
Latitude 52° 4', 51° 6'
Completion year
Architect Arup+Ove Arup & Partners
Type Showcase
Category New
Surroundings Urban
Technology Monocrystalline
Installed power
15 kWp 
Orientation south
PV module
BP Solarex
Dimensions N/A