Hofberg 6/7



The residential building is located near the historic centre of Will, in Canton St. Gallen, on a very steep land in substitution of an existing single house. Thanks to high-efficiency monocrystalline modules installed both on roof and on south façade, in correspondence of the floor bands,  the building produces 186% of energy surplus, able to charge 16 electric cars. The solar architecture of façade allows operating only by interaction of element geometry with the seasonal position of the sun allowing summer comfort without additional energy use or mechanical control. 

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Project Hofberg 6/7  02 L  
Location Wil, Canton St. Gallen (CH)
Latitude 47° 25'
Completion year 2011
Architect Fent Solare Architektur
Typology Residential
Category New
Surrounding Urbain
Technoloy Monocrystalline
Power installed 42.84 kWp (Roof); 8 kWp (Parapet)
Orientation South
PV-Module Sunpower: SPR 238E-WHT - roof; Sondemodule-parapet
Dimensions 294 m2(roof); 51 m2(parapet)