"Le Albere" district


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'Le albere' district is an urban expansion in Trento in the ex-Michelin area that has been regenerated including different blocks a large park. The architectural choices are based on eco-sustainability, eco-compatibility and energy-saving. All the residential and services buildings are designed as "passive" buildings, with low energy consumption, and are certified according to Casaclima standards. The special roofs, built with wood and steel structure and covered by zinc sheets, are characterized by customized PV laminates, made by a glass-foil panel and mounted on aluminium frames, that represent one of the unifying features of the settlement and are specially developed for this project.


1 LeAlbere  2 LeAlbere  Source: Tosoni Far System

Project "Le Albere" District         3 LeAlbere 
Location Trento (I)
Latitude 46° 04'
Completion year 2013
Architect Renzo Piano Building Workshop
Typology Residential + Administration
Category New
Surrounding Urban
Technology Multicrystalline
Power installed 312 kWp (MuSe+Le Albere)
Orientation South
PV-Module High-efficiency Tedlar glass panels
Dimensions 5000 m2 (MuSe+Le Albere)