14 Unit Housing Development

The 14-unit housing project in Ijsselstein has become the way to investigate the relationship between space and energy. Integrated solar power presented an obvious solution.Architects wanted to focus on aesthetics of PV, so thin-film solar panels made more sense to them than the more efficient, conventional solar panels. So the homes have been characterized by the volume of a multi-level solariums encased in PV panels. Only a few gaps were left for operable windows to let in natural light and fresh air.  PV allows to supply about 30 % of each house’s  energy need.

Source: Han Van Zweiten Architecten

Project 14 Housing development Ijsselstein 3
Location Ijsselstein (NL)
Latitude 52° 1'
Completion year
Architect Han van Zwieten ft. Kiss + Cathcart
Type Residential
Category New
Surroundings Urban
Technology Amorphous silicon
Installed power
1.6 kWp (per housing unit)
Orientation South
PV module
EPV (standard-size BiPV glass laminate)
Dimensions 30 m2 (per housing unit)
Transparency Opaque and semi-transparent (15%)