The Sun Ship is the service center for the Solar Settlement in Freiburg and the first commercial PlusEnergy building. It functions as a sound barrier for the housing community thanks to its five stories. Embedded in roof garden landscaping, nine exclusive three level penthouses were constructed with their PV roofs. In addition to the large scale PV plants, the building efficiency is essential for the maximum energy saving. Significant costs are saved because of an annual primary energy savings of about 1 million kWh.  The Sun Ship offers infrastructure for a city area of about 25,000 people.

sunship 1    sunship 2
Source: Rolf Disch 

Project Sun Ship sunship 3
Location Freiburg (D)
Latitude 48°
Completion year
2003 (building); 2006 (PV)
Architect Rolf Disch
Type Residential
Category New
Surroundings Urban
Technology multicristalline
Installed power
445 kWp 
Orientation South
PV module
10 mm laminated safety glass (various models)
Dimensions  -
Transparency Opaque