Erni House


The Erni House  is a private mono-family house in Untersiggenthal. It is Minergie labeled. Beside to the general energy efficiency of the envelope, the building is  characterized by a completely energized roof. PV integration is extended  to the whole  roof surface in which solar tiles replace the traditional tiling layer. Two skylights are placed within the solar surface and there is a chimney around which solar panel are removed due to the shadowing. The project received  the 2011 Swiss Solar Prize.

Erni1   Erni 3
Source: Urs Kessler

Project Erni House Erni 2
Location Untersiggenthal (CH)
Latitude 47°29'
Completion year
Architect Urs Felix Bislin
Type Residential
Category New
Surroundings Urban
Technology monocrystalline
Installed power
11,7 kWp 
Orientation South
PV module
Schott solar ASE-100
Dimensions 110 m2
Transparency Opaque