EFH Mettmenstetten


The building is characterized by the solar roof introduced with a partial renovation of the existing roof covering. The solar tiles , with a power peak of 5.6 kWp, completely replace the geometric existing surface defining an homogeneous PV integration. The PV tiles replace the function of the roof tiling with the watertightness role.

Sonnenenergie Kombi Indach Mettmenstetten 003
Source: Ernst Schweizer AG

Project EFH Mettmenstetten IMG 8560
Location Mettmenstetten (CH)
Latitude 47° 15'
Completion year
Architect Schnider Solar AG
Tipology Residential
Categogy Renovation
Surrounding Urban
Technology Monocrystalline
Installed power 5.6 kWp 
Orientation South-west
PV module Sunpower 
Dimension -