House in Grosshöchstetten




The PV roof on this residential building, besides to be perfectly integrated with the global architectonic language , is also conceived  as an intelligent system for the energy controlling and management. PV modules are installed for supplying the direct energy needs of residents. The energy part not immediately used is stored in a battery with the aim to increase the self-consumption using almost completely the self-produced energy.


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Source: Helion Solar

Project House in Grosshöchstetten funzionamentoBatteria   
Location Grosshöchstetten (CH)
Latitude 46° 54'
Completion year 2013
Architect -
Typology Residential
Category New
Surrounding Urban
Technology Monocrystalline
Installed power 27 kWp 
Orientation South
PV Module

CNPV 205BLK Solrif

Dimensions 168 m2