Greeting to the Sun


This urban intervention realized on the coast of Zadar (Croatia) is called " Greeting to the Sun ". It is a sophisticated and original installation consisting in a glazed interactive floor: 300 PV plates, that create a circular area of 22.5 m diameter, completely walkable and have a grid of 10,000 light points underneath. The energy produced during the day is used to create a dynamic light spectacle during the night. The project is a unique example of connection of renewable energy, energy efficiency and development of a city area.


Immagine1 Immagine3 Source: Ertex Solar

Project Greeting to the Sun Immagine2
Location Potsdam (D)
Latitude 44° 06'
Completion year 2008
Architect Nikola Basic d.i.a.
Typology Urban structure 
Category New
Surrounding Urban
Tecnology Monocristalline
Power installed 15 kWp
Orientation All
328 VSG 6/12/12 walkable
Dimensions 380 m2