Werkhof Riehn



This BiPV example regards a building renovation in Riehn, in Canton Basel. In 2004 Riehen was the first community to be awarded with the «European Energy Award Gold» for its energy policies. The intervention  is a perfect union between energetic and aesthetic requirements. The old façade cladding  has been replaced by polycrystalline grey and blue cells, introducing a new and not conventional aspect of the building and creating a brilliant effect.


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Source: Tritec Energy; SunTechnics

Projet Werkhof Mels 3 WerkhofRiehn  4 WerkhofRiehn     
Localisation Riehn, Kanton BAsel (CH)
Latitude 47° 35'
Année de réalisation 2005
Architecte -
Typologie Administratif
Catégorie Rénovation
Contexte Urbaine
Technologie Monocristalline (Toit); Multicristalline (Façade)
Puissance installée 9 kWp (Toit); 15.5 (Façade)
Orientament Sud - Est - Ouest
PV Module

Suntechnics STM 180(Toit); Special Sharp (Façade)

Dimensions 170 (Façade)