THSRC Changhua Station


The Changhua Station is one of the newest stations of the Taiwan High-Speed Rail System. The THSRC Changhua Station, in central Taiwan, resembles a greenhouse with petal-shaped columns, which appear from the roof to highlight the flower-producing area. The whole project has been developed with the BIM technology both for integrating professional designs since the early stage and for pursuing an environment-friendly design. Along the roof perimeter, laminated BIPV glass module with thin film technology have been developed in tailor-made sizes.

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THSRC Changhua Station

Localisation Changhua, Taiwan
Latitude 23° 95'
Année de réalisation 2015
Architecte Kris Yao Artech
Typologie Gare
Catégorie Autre
Contexte Suburbain
Technologie Couche mince
Puissance installée 99.38 kWp
Orientation Tout
NexPower fait sur mesure
Dimensions 1136 m2