The Swiss BiPV Competence Centre was created in 2005 within the Institute for Applied Sustainability to the Built Environment (ISAAC). It aims to combine the competences of the department of Architecture of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) with those of ISAAC offering a new and appropriate approach to photovoltaics for architects. Applied research, training and professional advice are the pillars on which founds its activities (PDF). The website is one of the communication means of the Swiss BiPV Competence Centre. Here you find essential information concerning PV technology integration in buildings and different projects realized both in Switzerland and abroad. Moreover, you can consult a list of PV modules and fastening systems that allow the setting up of an integrated PV plant.

Multifuntionality of BiPV


Information about the integration of photovoltaic elements in buildings.



PV modules and fixing systems for integrated plants.

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Promotion of solar energy


Conditions for compensation to cover the costs for the feed-in of electricity.

We also invite you to visit - a multidisciplinary and inclusive Swiss platform on solar energy

Links - News


Useful links and news on the photovoltaic and BiPV technology.

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