Verona Forum



Verona Forum is a part of a building development in Verona's new business district. The complex consists of two main buildings. The first one, for hospitality use, has a warm facade with a particular external expanded metal shell, randomly cut with cloud's shape. 90 thin-film panels are integrated in the Eastern façade of the hotel. The second building, for administrative use, has a double skin façade with a mechanical ventilation system.


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Project Verona Forum    3 VeronaForum
Location Verona (I)
Latitude 45° 27'
Completion year 2008-2010
Architect Mario Bellini Associati S.r.l.
Typology Administration
Category New
Surrounding Urban
Technology Multicrystalline - Thin-film
Power installed 20
Orientation East - West
PV Module

SunPower m-SI; PV CIS modules

Dimensions 200 m2
20 %