The Unipol office tower, built in the Italian city of Bologna, is characterized by a set of interesting design choices, among which the certification according to the protocol LEED 2.2 for New Constructions. The architect designed an energy-efficient double skin envelope with horizontal interspaces and with adjustable and automated slats. The external skin of facades is a composition of various elements, considering the different solar expositions during all the year. The south-west façade, mostly exposed to direct sunlight during summer, is an opaque ventilated façade with integrated PV system, aluminum panels and air vents for the technical rooms.


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Source: Tosoni Far System; Open Project

Project UNIFIMM Tower    3 Unifimm
Location Bologna (I)
Latitude 44° 29'
Completion year 2011
Architect Open Project S.r.l.
Typology Administration
Category New
Surrounding Urban
Technology Monocrystalline
Power installed 54 (Façade); 40 (Roof)
Orientation South - West
PV Module

n° 5104 modules silicium cristallin

Dimensions 495 m2 (Façade)