Stadtwerke Konstanz



This building, known as the "energy cube", is the new Stadtwerke Konstanz Customer Center in Constance (D). It is built to generate more energy than it consumes over its useful life. The cube shape is chosen as the most energetically optimal geometric shape for a building. The energy is produced by sun and earth to provide heating and cooling systems. The high-performance of building are based on a customised solar facade. Alongside the transparent facade elements there are opaque surfaces that can be illuminated using different coloured LED lights.


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Source: Ertex Solar

Project Stadtwerke Konstanz    konstanz 3
Location Konstanz (D)
Latitude 47° 40'
Completion year 2011
Architect Arnold Wild, Stadtwerke Konstanz
Typology Administration
Category New
Surrounding Urban
Technology Monocrystalline
Power installed 24.54 kWp
Orientation South
PV Module

n° 17 VSG-ISO (max 2988x3911mm)

Dimensions 495 m2 (Façade)
22 %