Bénéteau Group



The headquarter of the nautical company Bénéteau is located on the French Atlantic coast in Givrand. The two rectangular volumes are linked through a walkway defining a Zen garden. The main volume, extended southwards, is realized with a customized double skin with a texture that redesigns the company logo. The back side of main building, overlooking the internal garden , is covered with a solar canopy emerging among the flat roofs. It is realized with double glazed semitransparent solar panels installed on a steel structure.


Beneteau 1  Beneteau 2

Source: ISSOL; Marchegay Technologies Technologies


Project Bénéteau Group Headquarter    Beneteau 3
Location Givrand (F)
Latitude 46° 40'
Completion year 2012
Architect Periot Architecture Durable
Typology Administration
Category New
Surrounding Urban
Technology Multicrystalline
Power installed 36 kWp
Orientation -
PV Module

Lamineted safety glass ISSOL

Dimensions 64 m lenght