Solar Silo



Solar Silo is an example where the integration of coloured PV modules in the opaque parts of roof and facade building envelope is experimented.  Customized photovoltaic modules of Antec Solar are used creating a particular visual design. The colour is obtained thanks to the patented technology Swiss Inso Kromatix. Custom-size coloured crystalline photovoltaic modules are used on facades (monocrystalline cells, glass/glass, frameles. Standard-size coloured crystalline PV modules on the roof (monocrystalline cells, glass/backsheet, black frame). Standard-size black monocrystalline PV modules are installed on the roof as reference for electricity production monitoring.

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Project Solar Silo    03 L   
Location Basel
Latitude 47° 33'
Completion year 2015

Baüburo In situ AG

Tipology Administrative
Category Refurbishment
Surrounding Urban
Tecnology Monocristalline
Installed power 23
Orientation North, South
PV Module

Antec Solar SwissInso Kromatix

Dimension 159 m2