Ferdinand Braun Institute


The distinctively  hollowed wall, in whose surface the sky is reflected on sunny days, anthracite grey CIS modules become a clear architectural statement of the building. More than 700 thin film modules are mounted using point anchoring on a substructure made of zinced steel sections. The solar wall  is the crowning glory of a  reconstruction project providing a new face to the Ferdinand Braun Institute. Behind this screen, which faces the road, the building will be able to make future changes without modifying external aesthetic and appearance.

braun3  Source:Sulfurcell

Project Ferdinand Braun Institute braun2
Location Berlin (D)
Latitude 52° 30'
Completion year
2006 (PV plant)
Architect MSP Architekten
Type Administrative
Category New
Surroundings Urban
Technology CIS
Installed power
39 kWp
Orientation South
PV module
Sulfurcell (Soltecture)
Dimensions 640 m2