Zicer Building


The Zuckerman Institute for Connective Environmental Research (ZICER) is part of the University of East Anglia’s internationally acclaimed School of Environmental Sciences. Solar glass/glass laminates on the upper part of the building form a vertical facade and roof and will provide the occupant's electrical energy needs whilst providing the essential 'solar shading'.  The glazed upper floor  generates 33 kilowatt of electricity in peak conditions.  The building is designed to surpass the many innovative low-energy buildings on campus with a target energy use not to exceed 100kWh/m² per annum.

zicer3                                                 zicer1     Source:uea.ac.uk

Project Zicer Building zicer2
Location Norwich (UK)
Latitude 52° 37'
Completion year
Architect RMJM
Type Administrative
Category New
Surroundings Urban
Technology Monocrystalline
Installed power
27.2 kWp (roof), 6.7 kWp (facade) 
Orientation East 
PV module
BP Solar PowerGlas Laminate
Dimensions 265 m2 (roof), 85 m2 (facade)