Historical Building in Affoltern



The renovation of this historical building is an example of the potential of PV even when implemented in a protected building and within a sensible landscaping heritage. The photovoltaic modules are used to completely replace the roof tiles, creating a homogeneous surface. The design of the Pv modules creates a clear recognizability/expression of PV respecting the general lines and the morphology of the pre-existing building typology

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Project Historical Building in Affoltern 03   
Location Affoltern in Emmental
Latitude 47° 07'
Completion year 2015
Architect Anliker Christian
Tipology Historical
Category Refurbishment
Surrounding Rural
Tecnology Monocrystalline
Installed power 85
Orientation East, West
PV Module

Megaslate ll

Dimension 550 m2