KKLB Fassade



This intervention concerns a re-cladding of a part of façade on an the existing building of the KKLB headquarter, in Landerssender, Canton Lucerne. This is conceived as a demonstrative pilot plant, also supported  by BFE.  

1 KKLB Fassade 2 KKLB Fassade Det1 KKLB Fassade Det2 KKLB FassadeSource:  Kioto Solar 

Project KKLB Fassade  Det3 KKLB Fassade
Location Landessender, Canton Lucerne (CH)
Latitude 47° 12'
Completion year 2014
Architect Kobler 
Typology Industrial
Category Renovation
Surrounding Isolated
Technology Monocrystalline 
Installed power 7.5
Orientament Sud/Est
PV Module

Kioto-Woiok 250Wp

Dimensions 48