Elobau Factory2



This project regards the expansion of the existing plant n°2 of sensor manufacturer Elobau  in the Allgäu region, Germany.  The building's architecture evolves the design principles of the existing building changing the quality requirements and embracing the “elobau green idea” of net positive energy building. The additional space is powered by a sophisticated combination of photovoltaic’s, heat recovery, and micro gas turbines. The PV panels are installed on an independent steel structure that characterized the intervention as a solar shading system. Most of PV panels are opaque. Some panels, positioned in correspondence of openings, have a transparence of about 50% permitting sunlight passage. 



1 Elobau   2 ELOBAUSource: © Martin Rudau - Leutkirch (Elobau)


Project Elobau Factory 2  3 Elobau
Location Leutkirch (D)
Latitude 47° 49'
Completion year 2010-2012
Architect HHS Planer + Architekten AG
Typology Industrial
Category Enlargement
Surrounding Industrial
Technology Monocrystalline 
Power installed 190 kWp (Roof); 52 kWp (Façade) 
Orientation South


Dimensions -
Opaque; Semitransparent