CHP Plant Gelsia



Different energy systems are installed in this project, ranging from the CHP plant to the BIPV system. In detail, the aesthetic of the buildings has been improved by means of the Solar Retrofit system that allows the realisation of BIPV systems on the southern building facade and on the southern and eastern sides of the 20 meters high chimney support tower.

 tower 3 small     facciata 3 small Source:  Solar Retrofit


Project CHP Plant Gelsia  facciata 2 small
Location Seregno (I)
Latitude 45° 65'
Completion year  2016
Architect -
Typology Industrial
Category Other
Surrounding Suburban
Technology Polycrystalline 
Installed power 5.5 kWp (facade) + 10.5 kWp (tower)
Orientament Sud/Est
PV Module

PV Renesola 250Wp

Dimensions  20.4 m2 (facade) + 57.6 m2 (tower)