Böwe Cardtec


The building is the home of a company producing printing machines for smartcards. It is  a representative office building as well as a factory building. The building has a timber frame structure and the envelope is externally completely glazed. The southwards facade is conceived as an energetic wall in which PV-Laminates are used as a cladding material for a ventilated facade system. The uniform dark blue monocrystalline solar cells are used on a black background. The total solar active facade area is 80 sqm. The building is well heat insulated complying the German Low Energy Standard "Niedrigenergiehaus"

bwe 1    bwe 2            Source:Völse & Rath-Architekten

Project Böwe Cardtec bwe 3
Location Paderborn (D)
Latitude 51° 43'
Completion year
Architect Völse and Rath-Architekten
Type Industrial
Category New
Surroundings -
Technology Monocrystalline
Installed power
9.65 kWp 
Orientation East 
PV module
Isofoton I-56, I-53
Dimensions 80 m2