Riedel Recycling


In Moers (nearby Duisburg in Germany)  Riedel Recycling, an industry of preparation and storage of building materials, has installed a record thin film PV plant on an old building previously used for coal processing: more than 11 thousand modules in Cadmiun Telluride (CdTe), manufactured by american industry First Solar, with a peak capacity of 837 kWp, have allowed to this installation to become the widest in Germany adopting  thin film on a pitched roof of 9.500 square meters. Riedel Recycling Sputnik            Source:Sputnik Engineering AG, Riedel Recycling GmbH

Project Riedel Recycling riedel 2
Location Moers (D)
Latitude 51° 28'
Completion year
Architect N.A.
Type Industrial
Category Renovation
Surroundings -
Technology Thin Film
Installed power
837 kWp 
Orientation South
PV module
CIS- First Solar
Dimensions 9,500 m2