Promotion of solar energy

In order to encourage the use and promote the social acceptance of solar technology (reducing also the return on investment, ROI), with special attention to the integration in  buildings, various incentives have been introduced by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, utilities and various cantons. This is also the case of the incentive systems that since 2014, give favorable conditions for investment for integrated PV applications. The Federal incentive system recognizes two types of contributions for buildings: building  annex PV (BAPV) and building integrated PV (BiPV). Another category recognized is that of isolated (ground-mounted) PV.

The directive defining the criteria for feed-in remuneration of Building Integrated Photovoltaic has been published since 03/04/2014 by Federal Office of Energy.

The Federal Council has established new rules for the electricity tariffs. Photovoltaic systems put in service after 1 January 2014 are entitled to a cost compensation (CRF) which covers the cost of production over 20 years. In addition, for small systems under 10kW, a new system of an unique contribution (RU) will be set (for PV systems between 10 and 30kWp  is  possible to choose among the RIC and the unique contribution).
The relative amendments to the Energy Act  come into force on 1 January 2014.

More information can be found on the website of EnergieSchweiz.