This session is dedicated to the photovoltaic products specially conceived to be installed in a building.
We distinguish between Building integrated PV modules (BiPV modules), Fastening systems and other innovative products for building integration (Various).
The first category includes many PV modules/systems designed for being used as building material components. We divided this category in different subcategories according to the function they have:
- Solar tiles
- Glasses for roof
- Facade elements
- Glasses for facade
- Metal panels
- Flexible modules (thin film technology integrated on a flexible substrate)
- Shading devices
The criterion that these components have to fullfill is only the functional integration by means of multifunctionality.

The Fastening systems category collects many fixation elements specially desinged for installing a common PV module on/in building either as a building component (such as a roof tiles or a façade cladding element) or as an added element on the roof/façade as defined in the Energy Act. This category has three subcategories of fastening systems: for roof, facades and shading.

The authors of this site disclaim any liability with regard to the compliance of the present regulations and of the quality of the products listed here.

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