Energy from the sun

The need for an energy transition to renewable energies has become more evident in the recent years because of the limited availability of traditional sources that we use until now like  oil, gas, coal, etc. but also because of the climate change. Another very important factor is the security of energy supply. The traditional sources are not distributed equally. Instead, as far as renewable energies are concerned, they are available for all.

PV is a renewable energy that can be exploited from all parts of the earth. Although it is a source of energy with a huge potential only a small part of the solar energy is now used for the production of energy.

Photovoltaic technology can be implemented in order to facilitate our  daily life  with a very low environmental, economic and aesthetic impact . Indeed in some cases the impact can only be positive, as for example when integrated in the building.

The sun daily irradiates on earth about 10'000 times more energy than the amount daily used from mankind. Otherwise said: the amount of energy that reaches the earth in less than one hour, answers the yearly need of energy of the world population.

Fonte: R. Perez et al.