Tax Deduction
The 100% of the investment for the plant is tax deductible.

Green certificates
Another possibility is to search for other possible buyers (grants of energy, v. EWZ) for produced photovoltaic energy or certify the plant according to the standard NatureMade ( It is a quality label for energy produced in an environmentally way (NatureMade Star) and energy from renewable sources (NatureMade Basic). After a thorough inspection, the mark is awarded by the Association for energy that respects the environment VUE. At this point it is possible to re-sell the produced energy, however, there is still necessity to define with those concerned at what price (CHF/kWh).

In early 2010, further recommendations concerning the link between electricity companies and renewable energy producers (independent) were published. The grid managers are required to process requests for connection to the grid without delay, equal treatment should also be guaranteed (section 4a). It is also pointed out how the costs of connection to the grid should be borne by the producer, therefore the owner of the PV system (section 4c).
The Federal Office of Energy urges power companies to remunerate independent producers of electricity from renewable sources by offering an average rate of at least 15cents/kWh (point 2).
For information purposes, the Industrial Enterprises of Lugano (AIL) SA in Lugano, the energy fed into the grid produced by small photovoltaic systems (<30kVA), under the following conditions to which the system does not access the incentive of Swissgrid RIC: rate of energy recovery of non-approved 10.0cts/kWh guaranteed annually by law plus a share of the approximate ecological value that can be remunerated to the following conditions: ecological value price of 8.0cents/kWh, for a total of 18.0cents/kWh. For larger systems <100kVA , you can guarantee only the 10 cents/kWh , as long as the plant does not access the incentive of Swissgrid RIC.
Prices shown are valid until 31.12.2013 and the producer still retains the ability to switch to other remuneration systems as defined in the ordinances and laws.
In relation to incentives and/or subsidies, it is advisable to anticipate the times (the feed-in tariff is applied retrospectively considering the year of registration), preparing as soon as possible:
- The application form for connection of the system to the power company;
- The necessary documentation related to the announcement of the installation to Swissgrid (RIC).

On the website of Swissgrid ( in the section "electricity market", and more precisely in the subsection "remuneration for feed-in tariff - Photovoltaic" you can download all the necessary documentation and in particular:
- Conditions for the notification related on the remuneration for feed-in tariff;
- Notification for the remuneration for feed-in tariff;
- Guide for the notification for the remuneration for feed-in tariff;
- Checklist for the notification of a photovoltaic system for the remuneration for feed-in tariff.