The irradiation, the flow of solar radiation that incidents on a given surface per time unit (kWh/m2), is the most important parameter and the first information necessary for the evaluation of the production of a solar installation.

Global solar radiation on a horizontal plane [kWh/m2/year] for Switzerland

Source: Meteotest

The potential of irradiaton in Switzerland is important and can be exploited.

Global solar radiation on the horizontal plane for some cities in Ticino (Switzerland)

Bellinzona 1160 [kWh/m2/year]
Biasca 1076 [kWh/m2/year]
Bioggio 1226 [kWh/m2/year]
Locarno 1195 [kWh/m2/year]
Lugano 1235 [kWh/m2/year]
Mendrisio 1175 [kWh/m2/year]