Energy Bunker


The reconversion project of ex fallout shelter in Wilhelmsburg district in Hamburg is an exemplary energy renewal on urban scale, important both socially and environmentally. A combined system on 3 levels of renewable energy is provided: solar energy, biomass plant and cogeneration. The solar collectors are installed on the roof and PV panels on the south façade, on an exterior steel structure, slightly detached from the building, leaving shape recognizable. Every energy production system has been included within the structure through minimal interventions, making it instantly recognizable from the outside.


1 EnergyBunker 2 EnergyBunkerSource: ©HHS 

Project Energy Bunker 4 EnergyBunker   4b EnergyBunker
Location Hamburg Wilhelmsburg (D)
Latitude 53° 30'
Completion year 2008-2013
Architect HHS Planer + Architekten AG
Typology Public use destination
Category Renovation
Surrounding Urban
Technology Multikrystalline
Power installed 100 kWp 
Orientation South
SOLON Blue 230/07, 250W
Dimensions 1350 m2 (solar collector); 670 m2(PV)