Schmölzer House


The building is characterized by a very-low energy demand thanks to a passivhaus concept based on a performative envelope (both opaque and transparent), a mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery and the solar active devices both for domestic hot water as well as for electricity.  PV systems, for an amount of 3,12 kW power peak, are placed onto the roof (16 modules), as a balcony (5 modules) and as moveable solar screens that are also used for aesthetics and privacy. The building structure is made of timberframe also using recycled material for claddings and other constructive component in the perpective of minimize the environmental impact in all over the life cycle. Solar systems (thermal and PV) are able to satisfy about a 50% of the whole energetic demand.

schmlzer 2  schmlzer 1Source: Reto Miloni, Swiss Solar Prize

Project Schmölzer House schmlzer 3
Location Pratteln (CH)
Latitude 47°31'
Completion year
Architect Reto Miloni
Type Residential
Category New
Surroundings Urban
Technology multicrystalline
Installed power
3,12 kWp (roof+balciny+screens)
Orientation South
PV module
Colt Group
Dimensions  -
Transparency Semi-transparent (balcony, screens)